Research FAQ's

How can one access CARE Research reports?

CARE Research offers both subscription-based reports as also customised reports on request by customers. Subscription-based reports can be bought online through our website or you can get in touch with our client-servicing desk at +91 22 6144 3460 for offline purchase. On the receipt of the payment, User Id & password will be provided to you which will provide you access to CARE Research’s report online. Subscriptions are for one-year, two-year or three-year period depending upon user’s requirements. Subscribers can access the research reports from anywhere in the world through internet. Chapters within a report can saved and printed. CARE Research also issues multiple login ids per subscription on bulk purchase.

What does the subscription to research reports include?

The subscription to this report includes detailed report on the sectors divided into Outlook, Industry Section and Company Scan along with Monthly / Quarterly / Half Yearly updates, impact analysis notes, presentations, key data & statistics etc released during the subscription period. All the updates and new reports will be loaded on the website so that the user gets instant access to his/her subscribed reports. Subscribers will be intimated via email on the release of a new update/report on the service.

Does CARE Research offer any discount on the subscriptions?

Yes. There are various types discounts and packages offered by CARE Research such as ‘Early Bird Discount’ during the first month of release of any report, bulk discounts based on quantity of research reports subscribed etc.

What additional services are provided along with the subscription?

Subscribers to our research services can speak to our analysts for any clarifications. CARE Research also conducts Webinars on various topics regularly.

What is CARE Industry Risk Metrics service? How can I use the score of an industry?

CIRM quantifies industry risk based on CARE Research’s elaborate model for scoring various qualitative and quantitative risk parameters. CIRM assesses the risk of the industry on various critical parameters that may impact the cash flows and debt repayment capabilities of the industry over the next 2 – 3 years. The broader parameters selected for evaluation of risk include demand, supply, competition, factors of production, Government policies and regulations and the financial structure of the industry. The score is given to various parameters on the scale of 1 to 10, whereby 1 indicating the highest risk and 10 indicating lowest risk. The risk on each of the broader parameters is evaluated considering various important sub-parameters. The score is accompanied by a brief write up containing brief overview of the sector and rationales for scoring each parameter.

How frequently CIRM scores and reports are updated by CARE Research?

CARE Research updates CIRM scores twice in a year - December and June

How can one subscribe to CIRM?

CIRM reports can be accessed online through our website or can be delivered in PDF format through a CD. This can be uploaded on the client’s intranet and accessed by all branches.

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