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Annual Review

NPA and Restructuring

The chapter provides CARE Research's forecast on the default rates of the banking industry. The provides an insight into how the NPA ratios are expected to shape out in the coming period and the provision amounts banks would have to set aside to comply with norms.

  • Gross NPA: impacted by recoveries/up gradations
  • NPA to peak; moderate improvement expected in future
  • Provision Coverage Ratio (PCR): group-wise analysis
  • Restructured assets: yet to peak out..?

Impact Analysis

  • Unhedged foreign currency exposure (UFCE) guidelines: Towards a more resilient banking industry...

    In continuation to its efforts of building robust Indian banking system, RBI proposed to mandate.....

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  • “Weak business growth + asset quality issues + macroeconomic factors = PSUs under pressure + private outlook upbeat”

    India's GDP growth has decelerated from 9.3% in FY11 to 5% in FY13. Credit growth has fallen as a result from 21% in FY11 to 14% in FY13......

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  • India CAPEX Story – Slowing... “Economic gloom to persist due to fragile macro-economic variables”

    With the Indian macroeconomic conditions weakening further in Q1FY14 and no evidence of slowdown bottoming out, doubts over economic recovery have tu.....

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  • The Guidelines on Private Placement of NCDs by NBFCs

    Casts a shadow on funding flexibility of NBFCs RBI; in its notification titled “Raising Money through Private Placement by NBFCs- Debentures etc.”,.....

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