Man Made Fibre

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  • USD 700
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Annual Review

Cost Analysis

Raw material prices and availability play a crucial role in the MMF industry. However, the cost of raw material in the overall cost structure varies across fibres. The prices of these products are affected by the crude oil prices and move in tandem with the global prices. Following points are discussed in this chapter

  • Raw material forms 2/3rd of the cost of production for MMF manufacturers
  • Operating margins continue to remain stable in FY13
  • Net profit margins witness marginal improvement in FY13
  • Debt equity continues to remain stable despite sharp volatility in profitability
  • Working capital management
  • Trend in price movement of key raw materials

Impact Analysis

  • Share of MMF in total fibre consumption to rise…

    The textile industry is one of the largest and the most important sectors of the Indian economy in terms of output, foreign exchange earnings and emp.....

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