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Overview of Indian Telecom Tower Industry

This chapter gives a brief overview of the Indian telecom tower industry by providing information on number of players, tower-wise market share of players, etc. The chapter also discusses various business models for tower sharing, which include captive model, operator-controlled entity model, pool & share model and build &operate model, coupled with the advantages and disadvantages thereof. It also briefly describes the evolution of the industry from captive model to independently-owned model. A brief description about the characteristics of the industry with respect to capital investment, cash flows, profitability and dependence on technology has also been given coverage in the chapter. The following points are covered in the chapter-

  • Telecom Tower Industry Overview
  • Business Models for Tower Sharing
  • Evolution of Telecom Tower Industry in India
  • Characteristics of telecom tower industry

Impact Analysis

  • Tower addition taking back seat

    Indian telecom market has evolved with an unmatchable speed over last decade. Subscriber growth in the last 5 years averaged more than 50%......

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  • Infrastructure Status to Telecom Tower Industry– Bit Too Late

    When the telecom sector is saddled with regulatory overhang and experiencing the worst form of policy paralysis, on Oct. 12, 2012, on a slightly posit.....

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