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Annual Review

Tea International Trade

India is the fourth largest tea exporter in the world following Kenya, Sri Lanka and China. India’s share in world export market has come down from 14% in FY05 to 12% in FY12. India faces stiff competition with respect to exports from China and Kenya (in case of CTC tea exports) and Sri Lanka and Indonesia (in case of Orthodox tea exports). India exported about 216 million kg of tea in FY13, registering a marginal increase as compared to 214 million kg in FY12. In FY13, India primarily exported tea to Russia (21.2%) followed by UAE (9.9%), Pakistan (9.2%), UK (8.9%), and Iran (8.7%). India’s tea exports to Russia, UAE and Iran increased by 8%, 19% and 70% on a y-o-y basis in FY13, while the same to Pakistan, UK and USA declined by 24%, 9% and 8% y-o-y, respectively.

DuringFY13, India imported 22 million kg of tea, higher by 14% on a y-o-y basis. Total tea imports in value terms increased significantly by 52% y-o-y basis from Rs.186 crore in FY12 to Rs.283 crore in FY13.

Impact Analysis

  • Coffee to register a higher consumption growth compared to tea …

    Demand for tea in India has remained consistent as tea is being consumed in over 90% of the households as an integral part of the daily routine......

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