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This chapter gives a brief overview of NLD and ILD services in India based on various parameters. These include regulatory charges (license fee as a % of AGR), list of NLD and ILD service providers in India, trend of revenue from NLD, ILD services over the years, player-wise competition with respect to market share/NLD & ILD service revenue/network coverage (in terms of number of towns/cities/panchayats), MOU trend and declining tariffs.The following points are covered in the chapter:

  • Overview of National Long Distance (NLD) Service
    • Impact of National Roaming in the New Telecom Policy 2012
    • NLD License Allocation
    • Regulatory Charges for NLDOs
    • NLD Market Size
    • Competitive Landscape in NLD segment
    • NLD Outgoing Minutes of Usage (MOU) Trend
    • Decline in NLD Tariff
  • Overview of International Long Distance (ILD) Service
    • ILD License Allocation
    • Regulatory Charges for ILDOs
    • ILD Market Size
    • Competitive Landscape in ILD Segment
    • ILD Outgoing MOU Trend
    • Decline in ILD Tariff

Impact Analysis

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