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Annual Review

Overview of Indian Education industry

The chapter provides overview and regulatory framework of the Indian Education System. Following points are covered in the chapter.

  • Formal education comprises of K-12, graduation and post-graduation studies being regulated by various statutory bodies formed by the Central and State Governments
  • Vocational Studies is a parallel education system that has gained importance for developing various skill set to compete in the business environment
  • Informal education includes preschools, coaching classes, distance learning and ICT /Multimedia in schools 

Impact Analysis

  • Expanding reach and growing awareness to fuel industry growth

    The network of Indian education industry ranks amongst the largest in the world; with more than.....

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  • K- 12 Education: “Young India + Increasing education spend + Literacy growth = Growing K-12 Market”

    The Indian Education sector (IES) has witnessed rampant growth especially since the last decade led by a mix of macro-economic & demographic factors s.....

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