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Annual Review

Domestic Demand & Supply Scenario

Aluminium owing to its varied characteristics finds application in numerous end use sectors. The Indian players in the primary aluminium industry tapped the potential and invested heavily in building smelters as well as refineries during the last decade.With a view to understand the current scenario of the domestic market, the chapter covers various aspects such as domestic primary aluminium production & consumption trend, capacity utilizations trends etc. Additionally, the chapter provides information on the user industries such as power, automobile, machinery, packaging, construction, consumer durables etc. The break-up of the chapter is as under:

  • Domestic demand supply scenario
  • Domestic demand
    • FY02- FY08: The Growth phase
    • FY08-FY13: Moderation phase
    • Domestic end-use consumption pattern
    • Domestic Supply

Impact Analysis

Metals & Mining Coverage

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