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Each industry is faced by numerous challenges it needs to overcome in order to grow. Of late, the IT industry is facing the heat of global slowdown, shrinking technology budgets, rising uproar over outsourcing in the developed markets, operational level challenges like wage inflation, attrition etc. This chapter follows the challenges currently posed to the industry.

The following points are covered in the chapter-

  • Employee attrition – decline in attrition rates owing to added effort by companies
  • Wage hikes – global slowdown reduces wage hikes
  • Protectionist policies of the west – the US immigration bill
  • Lack of government support – transfer pricing
  • Security concerns – emerging threat
  • Volatile currency – boon and bane

Impact Analysis

  • SMAC – New Wave of Opportunity

    Indian IT services conquered the global technology landscape capitalizing on India's low-cost, English-speaking talent pool. Over the years, Indian IT.....

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