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Annual Review

Revenue and Profitability

The Indian IT services industry has grown at a double digit CAGR over the last five years. This chapter elucidates the revenue and profitability of the IT services sector and highlights the revenue segmentation based on the services rendered. It also throws light on the employee growth with respect to the revenues.

The following points are covered in the chapter-

  • Indian IT services industry size – exports as well as domestic services on an upswing
  • IT services revenue segmentation – outsourcing services beat project based services to lead the growth
  • Project based services – custom application and development still the main service
  • Outsourcing services – Infrastructure outsourcing forms the largest and fastest growing segment
  • Support and training services – software deployment and training forms the bulk
  • Revenue per employee – non linearity gives rise to increasing revenue per employee

Impact Analysis

  • SMAC – New Wave of Opportunity

    Indian IT services conquered the global technology landscape capitalizing on India's low-cost, English-speaking talent pool. Over the years, Indian IT.....

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