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Annual Review


The chapter provides CARE Research’s Outlook on the MMF industry. CARE Research believes that the MMF consumption will pick up gradually with increase in demand for apparels, home textiles and technical textiles as the macro economic scenario recovers. Following points are covered in the chapter

  • Man-Made Fibres would continue playing second fiddle to cotton in India even as Synthetic fibres continue their global dominance
  • Domestic MMF demand likely to grow at a modest level during FY14-FY19 
  • Investments of around Rs 25 bn expected in the next 3-4 years, most of it would be earmarked towards new product development and capacity expansion
  • Exports to assume significance while rupee depreciation increasing export competitiveness
  • Overall Polyester consumption to grow at a CAGR of 5.1 per cent during FY14-FY19, with growth in PFY outpacing growth in PSF
  • Polyester operating rates to remain under pressure in near term but improve over the long term
  • Polyester prices improve in FY14 but to remain sluggish in FY15
  • Viscose consumption likely to grow at 4 per cent on CAGR basis over FY14-FY19, with growth in VSF outpacing growth in VFY
  • VSF operating rates to be muted in near term but would recover in the long term, while VFY capacity utilization to remain on upward trajectory 
  • Viscose prices to exhibit diverging trends – VSF prices to remain muted, while VFY prices to increase
  • The industry continues to face challenges such as high environmental concerns, locational disadvantages, poor infrastructure facilities and a fragmented end-user industry

Impact Analysis

  • Share of MMF in total fibre consumption to rise…

    The textile industry is one of the largest and the most important sectors of the Indian economy in terms of output, foreign exchange earnings and emp.....

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