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Annual Review

Outlook on Profitability

The chapter provides CARE Research’s demand outlook on the Indian Tyre Industry. The chapter identifies drivers and draggers affecting industry growth. Chapter also throws light on current key trends and scenarios prevalent that may influence industry growth in near to medium term. Following points are covered in this chapter-

  • Domestic market to grow at a CAGR of 9 – 10 per cent till FY19
  • OEM demand would witness moderate improvement during FY15
  • Replacement demand is expected witness healthy growth during FY15
  • T&B radials (TBR) to constitute almost half of the T&B category demand by next five years
  • Growth levels in imports to soften in medium term
  • Exports to witness steady rise in near to medium term as player push to increase their global presence

Impact Analysis

  • Replacement demand to keep tyre rolling in near term

    Over the last one decade the automobile industry has gone through various structural changes that has driven automobile sales and in turn OEM demand f.....

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