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Annual Review


The chapter provides CARE Research's outlook on the sugar demand and supply scenario in India and also outlook on sugar prices and profitability of the sugar industry. Following points are covered in this chapter- 

  • Outlook on sugar production
  • Sugar production in major sugar producing states (Maharashtra and UP)
  • Outlook on sugar prices
  • Outlook on profitability of the industry

Impact Analysis

  • The drop in sugar production to continue in SS 2013-14...

    In SS2011-12, country produced about 26.3 mn tonnes of sugar, registering a growth of 7.8 per cent on a yoy basis......

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  • Partial de-control to provide some respite to the sugar industry ...

    The much awaited decision of the government to decontrol the sugar sector will provide respite to the sugar industry which is currently reeling under.....

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