Zinc & Lead

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Annual Review

Domestic Industry Outlook

The chapter provides CARE Research's outlook on the domestic zinc & lead industry. The chapter elaborates in detail the structure of the Indian steel and its correlation with zinc in deriving the outlook for the domestic zinc demand. Lead demand forecasting takes into consideration the demand for lead acid batteries from the OEM segments as well as the replacement market. Following points are covered in the chapter-

  • Zinc 
    • Demand 
    • Supply 
  • Outlook on sectors driving the domestic zinc demand 
    • Galvanizing Demand 
    • Die Casting Alloys Demand 
    • Zinc Oxide/Chemicals 
    • Brass/Bronze 
    • Dry Cells 
  • Lead
    • Demand 
    • Supply

Impact Analysis

  • Replacement demand brightens lead to outshine Zinc

    World zinc demand has increased at a Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of about 3.6% over the last decade......

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