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The chapter provides with the BTS growth forecastalongwith the forecast on circle-wise active subscriber per BTS, tower addition and revenue growth.These forecasts factor in growth in total wireless subscriber, active subscriber, urban-rural subscriber and 3G subscribers over the next few years, as major drivers for BTS growth. Besides, the chapter also throws light on the regulatory concerns like spectrum policies, unified licensing, etc and the impact thereof. The chapter also gives a brief description about the emerging trends in the telecom industry like green telecom, In Building Solutions (IBS) and Distributed Antenna System (DAS), which have been discussed in detail in further chapters of the report.The following points are covered in the chapter-

  • BTS Growth will witness deceleration
  • Playerwise BTS – Top 3 players hold half of the BTS
  • Circle wise Active Subscribers per BTS to increase marginally
  • Tower addition will be flat over next two years
  • Tenancy ratio to see modest enhancement
  • Revenues will grow in lower single digits
  • Profitability will remain flat
  • Capex Outlook – Investment in renewable to boost Capex cycle
  • Demand Drivers
  • Regulatory Concerns
  • Emerging Trends in the Telecom Tower Industry

Impact Analysis

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  • Infrastructure Status to Telecom Tower Industry– Bit Too Late

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