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The chapter provides CARE Research’s outlook on the global & domestic iron ore industry. The global scenario focuses on China which is the driving force behind the global iron ore trade. Under the domestic scenario, the chapter provides CARE Research view on the future demand supply scenario, Indian exports scenario, etc. The chapter also outlines the pelletisation future in India along with the factors hindering growth of iron ore mining in India. Following points are covered in the chapter.


o Indian iron ore industry, facing a resource curse

o Export of fines from India

o Domestic iron ore demand growth

o Supply situation in the short term

o State-wise demand supply outlook

o Pellets capacity addition

o Global demand and supply situation

o Global iron ore price trajectory

o Areas of concern & challenges for miners

Impact Analysis

  • Not just FINE to export 'FINES'

    Iron ore has indisputably been the most important ferrous mineral for India, with the abundance of the mineral.....

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