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Annual Review


The chapter provides CARE Research's outlook on the growth prospects of the global, regional, Asian and Indian (life and non-life) insurance industries. It identifies the key future trends of and challenges facing industry and their impact.

  • Global insurance industry to witness better growth in CY14-15
  • Emerging markets to contribute more towards global insurance industry
  • Rising consumer spending to drive demand for insurance products in Asia
  • Economic and structural factors to aid Indian insurance industry growth
    • Demographics to help Indian life insurance industry
    • Health and motor insurance growth to prop demand for non life insurance products
  • Bancassurance, regulatory support and innovation to be key trends in future
  • Increasing lapse ratio, tariff regulation and fraudulent cases to remain key challenges

Impact Analysis

  • Banks as insurance brokers: May be/ May be not

    Since the introduction of the IRDA guidelines in 2000, permitting private participation, the insurance industry has expanded at a fast pace to reach.....

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  • Growth prospects to improve amidst favourable demographics

    Globally, the insurance business has witnessed a boom since the 1980s aided by structural macroeconomic factors such as benign interest rates and dec.....

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