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In CY2013, the Indian Contract Research and Manufacturing Services (CRAMS) industry was estimated to be worth ~US$7.6-7.8bn. Its dominant segment, Contract Manufacturing Services (CMS), was estimated to account for ~60% of the industry revenue; and Contract Research Services (CRS) ~40%. CARE Research expects the domestic CRAMS industry to grow at robust rate from CY2014-2018. The Indian CRAMS industry is likely to benefit from lower manufacturing costs, rising cost of research in developed markets and increase in number of drugs going off-patent. These conditions are expected to result in increasing outsourcing of pharmaceutical manufacturing and research. Indian players are preferred over other low-cost manufacturing geographies due to the largely generic mix of the Indian pharma industry. Additionally, India benefits from availability of English-speaking, low-cost, highly-skilled professionals. The report on 'Indian CRAMS Industry' evaluates the industry scenario and presents its outlook based on past performance and the evolving dynamic in the industry. It also focuses on the growth drivers, pharma industry and player analysis.

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    • Quarterly Update Jun-14

      PAT margins shrink despite double-digit sales growth....

    • Quarterly Update Mar-14

      Healthy rise in realisation helped industry to post growth in revenues; although pressure on order book has pulled down the growth levels substantially....

    • Quarterly Update Dec-13

    • Quarterly Update Aug-13

    • Quarterly Update May-13

    • Quarterly Update Mar-13

    • Quarterly Update Nov-12

    • Quarterly Update Aug-12

Impact Analysis

  • CRAMS growth rate moderates, but prospects remains intact…

    With branded drugs worth ~US$105bn going off-patent by FY20, global pharmaceutical companies are expected to enhance their allocations to R&D to incre.....

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CRAMS Industry

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