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The Indian healthcare sector is expected to grow at a double digit CAGR up to FY17, driven by the hospital industry, which accounts for 70% of the sector. Factors such as increasing urbanization, rising per capita spending on healthcare, changing demographic profile, transitioning disease profiles, increasing insurance penetration and expanding medical tourism market are expected to spur the growth of the industry. The share of lifestyle diseases has risen to ~53% of total mortality from ~40% earlier and is expected to further increase to 59% by 2015. Private spending on health is expected to stay at current elevated levels. Government is expected to continue with personal tax incentives to encourage the participation of people under the insurance umbrella thus expanding health insurance penetration. The industry is expected to add ~50,000 beds in the next 5 years, led by the Western and Southern zones. Even as global spending on health care has risen as a proportion of GDP, in India such proportion has further declined. The healthcare sector has its own unique innovations, reforms and challenges, which are likely to shape the course of the Indian hospital industry.

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    • Quarterly Update Jul-14

      Occupancy rates dip; ARPOB at highest level....

    • Quarterly Update Jun-14

      Revenue growth steady, performance metrics matter of concern....

    • Quarterly Update Mar -14

      Revenue grows sequentially but marked with strain on margins and occupancy rates....

    • Quarterly Update Dec-13

      Revenue grows sequentially whereas margins falls y-o-y, improvements expected in 2HFY14....

    • Quarterly Update Sep-13

      Revenue growth at healthy pace; performance metrics also witnessed marginal improvement....

    • Quarterly Update May-13

      Revenue growth steady; modest improvement in performance metrics y-o-y....

    • Quarterly Update Feb-13

      Performance metrics healthy, further improvements in margins expected....

Impact Analysis

  • Changing disease profile and hospital penetration in Tier II & III cities key to growth…

    The hospital industry accounts for approximately 70% of India's healthcare sector. It is set to drive the growth of the healthcare sector at 10-12% CA.....

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