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Indian Business Process Management (BPM) industry is one of the greatest success stories of post-liberalized India. India stands number one in offshore BPM market with a 36% share with an industry size of USD 18.8 billion. The export dominated industry has had a great economic impact too. The people-intensive Indian BPM industry employs approximately 879,000 people in over 500 firms directly and over 3.5 million people indirectly. India has garnered 70% market share in offshore Knowledge Services (KPO) pie riding on the pool of CAs, MBA, lawyers etc. From doing the low end, repetitive work the industry has moved to high value work like data analytics and legal process outsourcing. The industry is going through a transformation phase. Cost arbitrage advantage is shrinking very fast for the industry with rising wages, real estate prices etc. So the BPM industry is exploring ways to remain afloat like moving to Tier II cities, delinking revenue growth with employee growth, moving towards more automation, exploring new geographies and technologies etc.

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    • Semi Annual Update Sep-13

      Revenue growth buoyant as U.S. economy improves....

Impact Analysis

  • Transition along the value chain to keep the industry buoyant…

    India has come a long way from handling offshoring of mere call centre and data entry type non-critical work to high-value added work, employing profe.....

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Indian BPM Services

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