Iron Ore

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The Elemental Iron (Fe) forms a major constituent of the earth's core. It is estimated that iron makes up about 34-35 percent of the mass of the earth. Iron is the one of the immensely used metals worldwide because of its comparatively low cost and high strength. Different alloys of iron and carbon are extensively used worldwide. Most widely used alloy of iron known is steel which finds its application in diverse fields like automobiles, construction, infrastructure development, household appliances etc. India is endowed with the huge iron ore reserves of around 28 billion tonnes. Almost entire production of iron ore in India emanates from hematite reserves. In FY13, five states put together accounted for almost 97 percent of the total iron ore produced in India. Among the states, Odisha remained the largest producer of iron ore with the share of 47 percent followed by Jharkhand at 13 percent and Karnataka with a share of around 8 percent.

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Iron Ore

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