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The Indian paper industry is highly fragmented and competitive in nature. It consists of large, well established players and unorganized small units (below 20,000 MTPA, accounting for ~60% of the industry size). The high value added segments like copier paper, coated packaging paper & board are primarily focused by the large players, whereas the small manufacturing units widely cater to low value added segments such as creamwove, kraft paper etc. The per capita consumption of paper in India stands at ~11 kg, which is relatively lower compared to other developed and developing countries. The three broad segments of the industry are: Printing & Writing (P&W), Packaging Paper & Board and Newsprint. Pulp is the primary raw material used for manufacturing of paper, and is obtained through processing of fibers separated from wood, wastepaper, agriculture residues etc. In light of issues pertaining to raw material availability and quality issues being faced domestically; the players depend on imports for meeting their RM needs, and often have to pay premium for sourcing them. Both the domestic and imported raw material prices have surged sharply over the years. Also weakening rupee has increased the landed cost of imported raw materials, dampening the profitability of players. Majority of the players failed to completely pass on the rising raw material cost to their end consumers in the overcapacity and low incremental demand scenario.

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    • Quarterly Update Mar-2014

    • Quarterly Update Dec-2013

      Margins under pressure....

    • Quarterly Update Sep-2013

      Paper prices hiked due to depreciating rupee....

    • Quarterly Update Jun-2013

      Operating margins of P&W players improved, while those of newsprint players contracted....

    • Quarterly Update Mar-2013

      Operating margins down, price increases expected....

Impact Analysis

  • Economic recovery and increasing per capita consumption key to growth

    India, the 15th largest paper manufacturer, is the world's fastest growing paper market; however, it accounts for only ~2.6% of the world's output. D.....

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