Renewable Energy Sources

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Power generation from renewables is on rise in India; with share of renewables in the total energy mix is rising from 7.8% in FY08 to ~13% in FY14. India has about ~31.7GW of installed capacity of installed renewable energy capacity as on March 31st, 2014. Wind accounts for 66.7% with installed capacity of 21.1GW, making India as a fifth largest wind energy producer. Small hydro Power (3.8GW), Solar (2.6GW) and Biomass (4.1GW) constitute the rest. In FY14, the wind capacity addition remained muted to ~2GW (1.7GW in FY13) due to slower disbursal of incentives under GBI and removal of AD benefit. India's renewable potential is huge and can play a vital role in making country fulfil its energy security challenge.

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Data & Statistics


    • Q4FY14

      Wind still sluggish, Solar expected to pick-up.......

    • Q3FY14

      Rooftop solar market gaining momentum....

    • Q2FY14

      Capacity addition to remain sluggish for FY14....

    • Q1FY14

      Capacity addition to remain sluggish for FY14....

    • Q4FY13

    • Q3FY13

      Slowdown to persist in the near term....

Impact Analysis

  • Solar Power to reach Grid Parity by FY17….

    India has focused primarily on coal as fuel due to its abundance and being the cheapest option for power generation......

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  • Grid solar....success hinges on policy implementation… while off-grid at an inflection point

    CARE Research believes that the drop in solar prices (capital costs/MW) have bottomed out and the success of JNNSM phase-II with 750MW capacity additi.....

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Renewable Energy Sources

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